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Follow these basic HIV prevention methods to stop the spread.  

It’s extremely important to practice safe sex. Anyone who’s sexually active and not using condoms or dental dams is at risk for HIV. Along with HIV, sex without protection can also lead to sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

How is HIV transmitted? 

One of the main ways HIV spreads is through sexual contact. If you are sexually active or planning on becoming sexually active, it’s important to educate yourself and seek resources to help stop the spread of HIV. 

HIV can be transmitted through certain bodily fluids from an HIV-positive person, such as semen/pre-seminal fluids, blood, anal or vaginal fluids. It can also be spread through shared drug injection methods, like needles.

What HIV prevention methods can I follow?

There are many ways you can prevent the spread of HIV.  

  • Know your status | You can’t protect yourself or others if you don’t know your status, so get tested regularly for HIV and other STIs to stop the spread. Visit www.TakeControlHIV.com to schedule a confidential HIV test at a provider near you.
  • Practice safe sex | Your body, your business. No one can judge you for having multiple sexual partners. But if you are sexually active, make sure you’re having safe sex by talking to your partner about their HIV status and sexual history as well as using internal or external condoms.

Love yourself and your partners safely and with peace of mind by following these easy steps to prevent the spread of HIV. Additional information is a click away – visit www.TakeControlHIV.com to find HIV testing and treatment services.