Social Security Administration
If you have HIV and cannot work, you may qualify for benefits from the Social Security Administration.
Pennsylvania Department of Human Services
Assistance available for eligible persons includes the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to help low-income households buy food, as well as Cash Assistance, Medical Assistance/Medicaid, and LIHEAP. Call the PA Department of Human Services Help Line at 1-800-692-7462 for general information about all of Pennsylvania’s public assistance programs or contact your local county assistance office.

If you are unable to afford your medication:

Pharmaceutical companies are expanding their programs to help more patients during these uncertain times.  The Medicine Assistance Tool matches patients with resources and cost-sharing programs that may help lower out-of-pocket costs, whether or not patients have insurance.
This program provides pharmaceutical assistance, as well as specific lab services, for low to moderate income individuals living with a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS who are not eligible for pharmacy services under the Medical Program.

Applicants must be a resident of Pennsylvania, have a gross annual income of less than or equal to 500% of the Federal Poverty Level, and have a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS to qualify for the program. SPBP HIV/AIDS is the payer of last resort and third-party resources must be used before payment is made by the program.

Ryan white hiv/aids program
Find out if you’re eligible for the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program. If you do not have health insurance or money to pay for health services, you might qualify for medical care and other essential support services.


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