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Learn more about the importance of knowing your status.

There’s no shame in getting tested for HIV. In fact, did you know about 46% of adults in the U.S. have been tested for HIV at least once? 

If you’re sexually active, knowing your HIV status gives you power. When you choose to get tested, you’re not only caring for your sexual health and safety, but also that of your partners and community. Testing is safe, painless and private – only you and your healthcare provider need to know.

And while this may be, there’s no need to worry about what others may think about your choice to get tested. By understanding how HIV testing plays a role in your sexual health, you can be a part of the mission to make HIV stigma a thing of the past

Even if you don’t think you have HIV symptoms or have been exposed to HIV at any point in your life, you should still get tested at least once for the following reasons:

To Be Responsible

Be you – where the change begins. By getting tested for HIV, you’re taking matters into your own hands and choosing to help prevent the spread of the virus. You’re also protecting your family, partner(s), friends and community, and can even become a role model to inspire others to get tested and know their status. 

To Live a Healthy Life

Everyone wants to be in good health. Getting tested for HIV is a key part of staying healthy, as doing so will let you know if you need HIV treatment. If you test positive for HIV, it’s extremely important to work with your healthcare provider to make a plan of action and start treatment as soon as possible, as this will allow you to maintain your health. 

To Take Control 

You’re in full control of your life. Getting tested for HIV means you’re ready to transform your future and that of others by taking steps toward ending the HIV epidemic. Remember: If you test positive, it’s NOT the end of the world – you’re in control and HIV treatment is available.

It’s Quick and Easy 

HIV testing is quick, easy and accessible. Whether you have health insurance or not, confidential testing is available for free or at a very low cost through most healthcare providers

With National HIV Testing Day right around the corner, now is the time to get tested and know your status. Find HIV testing near you at TakeControlHIV.com