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Remembering those who lost their lives to AIDS.

Whether you’re living with HIV or not, World AIDS Day is important for everyone. Since 1988, it’s been celebrated around the globe on Dec. 1 as a day for all to unite in the fight against HIV and remember those who lost their lives to AIDS. 

When one person in your community has HIV, it matters to everyone. Without testing, treatment and new medical knowledge and resources, HIV and harmful stereotypes have the potential to spread.

But thanks to the efforts of so many people across the world, World AIDS Day gives everyone the opportunity to break the cycle of HIV and be empowered to take control.

When did World AIDS Day start?

Though it didn’t become its own day until the late ’80s, World AIDS Day started during the HIV epidemic – which continues today. It was founded on the importance of recognizing and remembering those who live with HIV and pass away from AIDS every day of every year.   

While one day of the year is dedicated to honoring these individuals and educating the public about HIV prevention, it’s extremely important to think about the main point of World AIDS Day as you live your life every day of the year.

How can I get involved?

  1. Wear or buy red ribbons. Red is the official color of World AIDS Day. One of the easiest ways you can get involved is by wearing something red or wearing a red ribbon to spread awareness about HIV and AIDS. 
  • Engage through social media. With the power of social media, you can join the conversation and spread the word about HIV and AIDS. Consider joining us by posting your images of wearing red or remembering those who lost their lives to AIDS. Use the hashtags #TakeControlHIV, #WorldAIDSDay or send us a direct message on Facebook or Instagram.

Visit @Anyone is at Risk on World AIDS Day to learn more. Ready to connect with care? Find HIV testing, treatment or support group services.